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Several years experience in Interactive Television (ITV) production at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies (AMPS), (SMA) and the University of Massachusetts Boston’s (DLVP) shaped Kevin O’Rourke’s background in both educational and instructional technologies.

While working at UMass Boston his ITV experience was adapted to production streaming video to support the UMBs on-line education programs. Streaming videos were utilized to market on-line courses (example,AMST210), to support on-line instruction (example, Basis of Life), as triggering agent to stimulate synchronous on-line discussion (example, Life & Death of Ideas).

Prior to the acquisition of Breeze by UMB O’Rourke designed Streaming PowerPoints as Media as an interim program to fill the on-line gap. This program was design to reinforce existing PowerPoint skills, incorporate the use of audio narrative in presentations and introduce new on-line faculty to synchronous on-line collaboration (example). All of which would be key elements in the use of Breeze and the further development of on-line education.

In addition, O’Rourke designed several quick reference or just-in-time tools for faculty using UMB’s smart classroom. The Ibid Whiteboard is one example with accompanying streaming video.







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